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Frequently Asked Questions about TVGH

  1. Who are you?
    Charlie Brooker.
  2. Is a print version of TVGH available?
    Yes. A TV Go Home Book was published by 4th Estate in October 2001... it's available from all good bookshops and online retailers like Amazon
  3. Why were you anonymous for so long?
    Long story. Started out for a good reason. Then I just got a kick out of it. No big secret. I'm not Lord Lucan, and you've probably never heard of me anyway.
  4. What's in the book? Just a load of fucking reprints?
    Yes and no. There's lots of archive material and loads of new things as well -- such as 'Scorch' (a Heat magazine parody), Daily Mail Islander (a version of the Mail created by the denizens of Daily Mail Island) and Now Biter (Nathan Barley's lifestyle magazine).
  5. I can't find the book in my local bookshop!
    They tend to hide them -- try scouring the "Film & TV" section if you're not having any luck in "Humour". Or ask. Nicely.
  6. I spotted the name "Nathan Barley" in the credits of "Dotcomedy" on Channel 4. How come?
    Beats me. Someone at Princess Productions having a laugh, I suppose.
  7. Is there a TV series appearing on E4 by any chance?
    Yes -- it starts on December 5th. Look, there's some info here on Ananova.
  8. Why is TVGH published fortnightly? Can't you make it weekly?
    Maybe in the future. But not right now.
  9. I keep forgetting when to check the website. Is there some kind of reminder service I can join?
    Why yes, there is. Send an email to and follow the instructions you'll get back. Once you're signed up, you'll receive a simple reminder every fortnight, to let you know a new edition's been posted. You won't get a whopping great JPEG in your inbox and you won't be joining a discussion list. Or selling your name to any advertisers. Sign on, it's useful.
  10. Who is Nathan Barley? Is he a real person? Why do you hate him so much?
    If you're asking this question, you've probably uncomfortably close to being Nathan Barley yourself.
  11. Why use a JPEG for the listings instead of text?
    Because I want precise control over the layout. And because it seriously annoys "real ale" Internet users who do all their browsing on text-based hand-held calculators, and that arouses me.
  12. Do you take submissions? How do I send them in?
    this and find out.
  13. What's this 'NTK' all about?
    NTK, or Need to Know, is a weekly newsletter thingy edited by Dave Green and Dan O'Brien. It's very good. They agreed to host TVGH when I had to remove it from my other website in a bit of a panic. You should go and
    visit NTK right now, actually.
  14. Why does the name "Charles Napier" keep cropping up in the credits for TVGH movies?
    Because he rocked bells playing Harry the crazy cop in Supervixens. Many thanks to reader Mike Lonergan for alerting us to the existence of this little doozy:
  15. I've subscribed: how come I just get a reminder telling me to visit the website? Why not send out the actual TVGH image itself?
    Because a) it's a JPEG image, sometimes bigger than 200Kb, and b) if you don't check the site, you'll miss out on all the other brand NEW stuff that's going to be appearing soon...