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Programme Suggestions

We really really want your suggestions for TV shows, and tend to use at least one reader submission per fortnight, but please give our guidelines a cursory, disinterested glance before submitting anything.

Once you've done that, simply fire off an email to

There. Simple.


Guidelines for Submission

  1. TVGH does not accept submissions from idiots.
  2. There is no guarantee your idea will ever actually appear in TV Go Home. We won't even bother to tell you whether we intend to use it or not.
  3. Your submission becomes our 'bitch', motherfucker. The moment you click that "SEND" button, you automatically endow us the right to re-edit your words and ideas into oblivion. It might not need changing.
  4. Please, please, please don't steal ideas from other people and try to pass them off as your own.
  5. Keep submissions short. The average TVGH listing is about 50 words in length.
  6. Don't send pictures or other attachments. If we want them, we'll ask for them. Anyone sending pictures or attachments will be ignored until the end of time.
  7. We run very few listings whose title is a weak and obvious pun on an existing show: i.e. Changing Wombs, Ainsley's Big Cock Out, Blind Rape, Scooby Poo, etc etc.
  8. Don't be tasteless without also being imaginative. Too many people suggest things like, say, a quiz show revolving around the anal violation of dead celebrities; potentially shocking but not actually funny. Try harder.
  9. Don't be put off by all the above. Several people have become regular contributors. So could you.
  10. That's more or less it, really. Now email your entry to, why dontcha?